The passion for tennis betting in Canada reflects the global appeal of the sport, with major international tournaments drawing the most attention from bettors. Tennis offers a unique betting landscape due to its individual nature, extensive season, and variety of surfaces. Here’s an overview of the most popular tennis betting events in Canada, ranked by the interest they generate among bettors:

  1. Wimbledon – The prestige and tradition of Wimbledon, played on grass courts, make it the most bet-on tennis event in Canada. Its history and unique dress code, coupled with the excitement of the matches, captivate Canadian bettors.
  2. US Open – The hard courts of the US Open offer high-speed action, making this Grand Slam tournament extremely popular among Canadian tennis bettors. The event’s timing and accessibility for Canadian audiences also contribute to its betting popularity.
  3. Australian Open – Known for kicking off the Grand Slam calendar, the Australian Open’s hard courts attract significant betting interest. Its scheduling in January provides a fresh start for bettors each year.
  4. French Open (Roland Garros) – The clay courts of Roland Garros present a distinct challenge, making the French Open a favorite for tennis betting. The surface’s unique characteristics influence match outcomes, adding an extra layer of strategy for bettors.
  5. ATP Finals – This season-ending event for the highest-ranked singles players and doubles teams on the ATP Tour garners significant betting interest, as it showcases top talent in a competitive format.
  6. WTA Finals – Similar to the ATP Finals but for the women’s tour, the WTA Finals bring together the season’s best players, drawing keen interest from bettors looking to capitalize on the culmination of the year’s tennis action.
  7. Masters 1000 Tournaments – The nine ATP Masters 1000 events, spread throughout the season and played on different surfaces, offer regular high-stakes betting opportunities. These tournaments feature the best players outside the Grand Slams, making them a focus for tennis bettors in Canada.
  8. National Bank Open (Rogers Cup) – As Canada’s premier tennis event, the Rogers Cup, recently renamed the National Bank Open, alternates between Montreal and Toronto. It draws top international talent and garners extensive betting interest, particularly for matches involving Canadian players.
  9. Credit One Charleston Open – Showcasing the unique challenge of green clay courts, the Credit One Charleston Open has emerged as a key betting event in women’s tennis, drawing attention for its rich history and the adaptability it demands from the world’s top players.

These tennis events underscore the broad interest among Canadian sports bettors, ranging from the grandeur of the Grand Slams to the competitive spirit of the season-ending finals. The array of betting options, including match winners, set scores, and specific game outcomes, caters to a wide range of betting strategies. With a supportive legal framework for online sports betting, tennis betting remains a popular and engaging activity for sports enthusiasts across Canada.


Ranking of Canada’s Favorite Tennis Sports Betting Events in 2024

Wimbledon Championships
US Open Tennis Championships
Australian Open Tennis
French Open
(Roland Garros)
ATP Tours & Finals
WTA Tours & Finals
Masters 1000 Tournaments
National Bank Open (Rogers Cup)
Credit One Charleston Open


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