Lacrosse, Canada’s national summer sport, combines elements of speed, skill, and strategy in a compelling display that has a strong following within the country. While betting on lacrosse may not be as widespread as for some other sports, there are key events within the lacrosse calendar that attract significant betting interest from Canadian fans. Here’s an overview of the most popular lacrosse events for betting in Canada, ranked according to the interest they generate among bettors:

  1. NLL Championship – The National Lacrosse League (NLL) represents the pinnacle of professional indoor lacrosse. The NLL Championship game, determining the season’s winner, is the top event for lacrosse betting in Canada, with fans keen on betting on outcomes, point spreads, and player performances.
  2. World Lacrosse Championship – Held every four years, this international outdoor lacrosse championship features teams from around the globe competing for the title. Canadian bettors show strong interest in this event, supporting the national team and betting on match winners and tournament standings.
  3. NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship – In the United States, the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship draws significant attention from Canadian bettors, especially those who follow college lacrosse closely. Betting interest peaks during the championship game, with wagers placed on the victors, match scores, and standout players.
  4. Minto Cup – As the Canadian Junior A lacrosse championship, the Minto Cup has a rich history and is highly regarded within the lacrosse community. Betting interest among Canadians is particularly high during this event, with focus on team performances and individual achievements.
  5. Mann Cup – The Mann Cup is the senior men’s box lacrosse national championship in Canada and boasts a long tradition in the sport. It attracts betting interest for its historic significance and the high level of competition, with bets placed on series outcomes and key matchups.
  6. NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Championship – While perhaps not as followed as the men’s game, the NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Championship still sees betting action from Canadian fans. Interest in women’s lacrosse is growing, with bets focusing on championship outcomes and individual player performances.

These lacrosse events reflect the sport’s appeal and the betting scene in Canada, spanning professional leagues, international competitions, and collegiate championships. The range of betting options available, including match outcomes, tournament winners, and specific game actions, caters to various preferences among bettors. With the supportive legal framework for online sports betting in Canada, wagering on lacrosse events offers an engaging option for Canadian sports enthusiasts, highlighting the sport’s significance in the country and its emerging presence in the sports betting landscape.


Ranking of Canada’s Favorite Lacrosse Sports Betting Events in 2024

NLL Championship
World Lacrosse Championship
NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship
Minto Cup
Mann Cup
NCAA Women's Lacrosse Championship


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