Australian Rules

Australian Rules


Australian Rules Football, with its unique blend of physicality, strategy, and athleticism, enjoys a fervent following among Canadian sports betting enthusiasts who appreciate the sport’s dynamic nature. The Australian Football League (AFL) represents the zenith of this sport, offering a plethora of betting opportunities across its season. Here’s an overview of the most popular Australian Rules Football events for betting in Canada, ranked according to the interest they generate among bettors:

  1. AFL Grand Final – The AFL Grand Final stands as the pinnacle event of Australian Rules Football, attracting widespread attention from bettors in Canada and around the world. This championship match determines the season’s premier team, with high interest in betting on the winner, final score margins, and individual player awards like the Norm Smith Medal.
  2. AFL Regular Season Matches – Throughout the AFL season, each match provides opportunities for betting, including match winners, points spreads, and total points. The regular season’s weekly nature keeps Canadian bettors engaged with continuous action and betting opportunities.
  3. AFL Finals Series – Leading up to the Grand Final, the AFL Finals Series includes the top eight teams in a thrilling elimination format. Betting interest peaks during this period as teams vie for a spot in the Grand Final, with bettors focusing on the outcomes of each match and overall series predictions.
  4. Brownlow Medal – Awarded to the “fairest and best” player during the AFL season, as judged by the umpires, betting on the Brownlow Medal recipient is popular among Canadian sports fans. This market opens well before the season’s end, offering speculative bets on the player deemed to have performed the best throughout the year.
  5. AFL Pre-Season Competitions – While not as high-profile as the regular season or finals, the AFL pre-season competitions, including the AFL Community Series, still draw betting interest. These matches offer a glimpse into team forms and potential breakout players, providing a different betting angle.
  6. Anzac Day Match – The annual Anzac Day match between Collingwood and Essendon is one of the AFL season’s highlights, commemorating Australian and New Zealand Army Corps members. This match attracts special betting interest due to its significance and the fierce rivalry between the teams.

These events underscore the broad appeal of Australian Rules Football betting in Canada, ranging from the grand spectacle of the AFL Grand Final to the individual accolades of the Brownlow Medal. The availability of diverse betting options, including predicting match outcomes, over/under points totals, and player performance bets, caters to a wide range of preferences among bettors. With the legal framework in Canada supporting online sports betting, wagering on Australian Rules Football events offers an engaging and popular option for Canadian sports enthusiasts, emphasizing the sport’s unique characteristics and its place in the global sports betting landscape.


Ranking of Canada’s Favorite Australian Rules Football Sports Betting Events in 2024

AFL Grand Final
AFL Regular Season Matches
AFL Finals Series
Brownlow Medal
AFL Pre-Season Competitions
Anzac Day Match


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