Motor Sports

Motor Sports


Motor sports, encompassing everything from high-speed car racing to motorcycle GP events, have a unique place in the hearts of Canadian sports betting enthusiasts. The combination of technology, strategy, and driver skill makes motor sports a fascinating betting field. Here’s a look at the most popular motor sports events among Canadian bettors, ranked by their popularity and the betting interest they generate:

  1. Formula 1 World Championship – As the pinnacle of auto racing, Formula 1 is renowned for its global fan base, advanced technology, and prestigious races held around the world. Canadian bettors show a high interest in betting on race winners, championship standings, and individual driver performances, making it the top motor sports betting event.
  2. MotoGP World Championship – The premier class of motorcycle road racing, MotoGP offers a mix of speed, skill, and competition. It’s highly popular among Canadian bettors for the opportunity to bet on race outcomes, rider championships, and podium finishes.
  3. NASCAR Cup Series – Representing the heart of American stock car racing, the NASCAR Cup Series features a packed calendar of races mainly in the United States. It attracts significant betting interest in Canada for its close racing, team strategies, and popular drivers.
  4. IndyCar Series – Known for the iconic Indianapolis 500, the IndyCar Series includes races on both oval tracks and road/street circuits. Canadian sports bettors are drawn to its high-speed races and the variety of betting opportunities it presents.
  5. 24 Hours of Le Mans – This legendary endurance race in France is one of the most prestigious automobile races in the world. Betting interest among Canadians peaks for this event, with focus on team performance, car reliability, and overall strategy.
  6. World Rally Championship (WRC) – Rally racing offers a different thrill, with drivers competing on varied terrains and in all weather conditions. The WRC attracts bettors in Canada who enjoy the unpredictability and the challenge of betting on stage winners and overall champions.
  7. Isle of Man TT – Known for being one of the most dangerous motor races in the world, the Isle of Man TT holds a special allure. It draws betting interest for its high-risk, high-reward nature, with bets placed on race winners and lap times.

These events showcase the broad appeal of motor sports betting in Canada, spanning the globe’s most prestigious car and motorcycle races. The availability of diverse betting options, including predicting race winners, championship outcomes, and specific event performances, caters to a wide range of preferences among bettors. With the legal framework for online sports betting in Canada facilitating participation in these betting activities, motor sports betting remains a thrilling and popular choice for Canadian sports fans, underscoring the dynamic nature of the sport and its global following.


Ranking of Canada’s Favorite Motor Sports Sports Betting Events in 2024

Formula 1 World Championship
NASCAR Cup Series
IndyCar Series
MotoGP World Championship
24 Hours of Le Mans
World Rally Championship
Isle of Man TT


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