Snooker, with its intricate skill set, strategic depth, and international appeal, has a dedicated following among Canadian sports betting enthusiasts. The sport’s major tournaments attract significant betting interest, reflecting the global nature of snooker and its appeal as a precision sport. Here’s an overview of the most popular snooker events among Canadian bettors, ranked according to the interest they generate:

  1. World Snooker Championship – The pinnacle of professional snooker, this annual event held at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England, is the most prestigious tournament in the sport. Canadian bettors show high interest in betting on match outcomes, tournament winners, and highest break scores, making it the top snooker betting event.
  2. The Masters – As one of the triple crown events in snooker, The Masters is an invitational tournament featuring the world’s top-ranked players. Its high-profile matches and elite competition level make it immensely popular among Canadian bettors for its exciting betting opportunities.
  3. UK Championship – Another triple crown event, the UK Championship attracts the top snooker talent from around the globe. Canadian bettors engage heavily in betting on this tournament, drawn to its history, prestige, and the high quality of play.
  4. International Championship – One of the highest-ranking tournaments outside the UK, the International Championship offers substantial prize money and attracts the world’s best players. It’s popular among Canadian sports bettors for its competitive field and diverse betting markets.
  5. China Open – As the largest snooker tournament in Asia, the China Open is a key event in the snooker season, featuring top international players. It garners betting interest in Canada, especially for those looking to bet on emerging talents and established stars.
  6. Players Championship – Part of the snooker season’s Home Nations Series, the Players Championship is notable for its format that only includes top performers from the season. Its selective nature makes it a favorite for Canadian bettors, who enjoy the high stakes and elite competition.

These snooker events highlight the broad appeal of the sport’s betting scene in Canada, from the traditional prestige of the triple crown tournaments to the global reach of competitions like the China Open. The variety of betting options available, including predicting match winners, frame scores, and tournament champions, caters to a wide range of preferences among bettors. With the legal framework in Canada supporting online sports betting, snooker betting offers a popular and engaging option for Canadian sports enthusiasts, emphasizing the sport’s stature and its place in the competitive world of sports betting.


Ranking of Canada’s Favorite Snooker Sports Betting Events in 2024

World Snooker Championship
The Masters
UK Championship
International Championship
China Open Snooker
Players Championship


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