Based on the popularity of soccer betting among Canadians, the interest in soccer spans a range of both international competitions and club leagues, reflecting the global nature of the sport and its widespread appeal. Here’s an expanded overview of the most popular soccer betting events in Canada, ranked according to the interest they generate among bettors:

  1. FIFA World Cup – This international competition is the pinnacle of soccer excellence, attracting a global audience every four years. Canadian bettors show high interest in betting on various matches, including the overall tournament winner, individual match outcomes, and more.
  2. UEFA Champions League – Representing the highest level of European club soccer, the Champions League features the continent’s top teams. It’s immensely popular among Canadian bettors for its high-profile matches and the opportunity to bet on elite competition.
  3. Premier League (England) – Known for its competitive nature and global fanbase, the English Premier League garners significant betting interest in Canada. The presence of star players and coaches adds to its allure.
  4. La Liga (Spain) – Home to some of the world’s most famous clubs, such as Barcelona and Real Madrid, Spain’s La Liga attracts Canadian bettors with its high-quality soccer and legendary rivalries.
  5. Serie A (Italy) – With a rich history and tactical gameplay, Italy’s Serie A is a favorite among Canadian soccer bettors. The league’s tradition of strong defenses and world-class talent makes it a popular betting choice.
  6. Major League Soccer (MLS) – As the premier soccer league in North America, MLS holds a special place for Canadian bettors, especially with Canadian teams like Toronto FC, Vancouver Whitecaps, and CF Montreal participating. The league’s growing quality and international signings have increased its betting popularity in Canada.
  7. UEFA Europa League – Known for its wide array of European teams and unpredictable outcomes, the UEFA Europa League offers exciting opportunities for Canadian soccer bettors. This competition brings together clubs from across Europe, showcasing a mix of established powerhouses and emerging talents. The unpredictability of matches and the potential for underdog victories make the Europa League a thrilling option for bettors looking for value and excitement.

These events reflect the diverse interest in soccer betting in Canada, spanning from local leagues to international tournaments. The wide range of betting options available, including match outcomes, tournament winners, and individual player performances, cater to various preferences among bettors. The legal framework for online sports betting in Canada allows fans to participate in betting through various platforms, making soccer betting a popular and accessible activity for sports enthusiasts across the country.


Ranking of Canada’s Favorite Soccer Sports Betting Events in 2024

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers & Finals
UEFA Champions League
Premier League
Spanish La Liga
Italian Serie A
Major League Soccer
UEFA Europa League


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