Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has seen a meteoric rise in popularity among Canadian sports bettors, with its intense bouts and high-profile fighters drawing significant attention. MMA combines various fighting styles, offering a dynamic and thrilling spectacle for fans and bettors alike. Here’s an overview of the most popular MMA betting events in Canada, ranked according to the interest they generate among bettors:

  1. UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) – The UFC is the premier organization in MMA, hosting the most significant fights with the biggest stars. Canadian bettors show a keen interest in UFC events, particularly title fights and main events featuring popular fighters.
  2. Bellator MMA – As a leading promotion in MMA, Bellator hosts numerous events throughout the year, featuring up-and-coming talent and established stars. It’s the second most popular choice for MMA betting in Canada, with its Grand Prix tournaments and championship bouts attracting attention.
  3. ONE Championship – Based in Asia, ONE Championship has a strong following among Canadian bettors for its diverse roster and inclusion of various combat sports disciplines within its MMA events. Its unique approach to promoting fights and fighters adds an international flair to MMA betting.
  4. PFL (Professional Fighters League) – The PFL’s innovative season and playoff format bring a fresh perspective to MMA, making it an attractive option for Canadian sports bettors. The league’s emphasis on rankings and eventual championship bouts piques interest for its clear structure and competitive matchups.
  5. Rizin Fighting Federation – Rizin, based in Japan, offers a blend of MMA and kickboxing bouts in a ring instead of a cage, appealing to fans of traditional martial arts and PRIDE FC nostalgia. Its New Year’s Eve events, in particular, draw betting interest due to the spectacle and high-profile matchups.
  6. Cage Warriors – As a leading European MMA promotion, Cage Warriors is recognized for developing future UFC stars. Canadian bettors interested in the sport’s rising talents frequently engage in betting on Cage Warriors events, anticipating the next big name in MMA.

These MMA events showcase the varied interests of Canadian sports bettors, from international promotions with global reach to regional organizations that serve as stepping stones for fighters on their way to stardom. The range of betting options, including fight winners, method of victory, and round betting, caters to a wide spectrum of preferences. With a supportive legal framework for online sports betting, MMA betting remains a popular and engaging activity for fight fans across Canada, reflecting the nation’s growing enthusiasm for the sport.


Ranking of Canada’s Favorite MMA Sports Betting Events in 2024

Ultimate Fighting Championship
Bellator MMA
ONE Championship
Professional Fighters League
Rizin Fighting Federation
Cage Warriors


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