Golf, with its rich tradition and global appeal, attracts a wide array of sports betting enthusiasts in Canada, drawn to the sport’s blend of skill, strategy, and the scenic beauty of its courses. The major tournaments, known as the Majors, along with other high-profile events, generate the most betting interest among Canadian fans, reflecting the sport’s widespread popularity. Here’s an overview of the most popular golf events for betting in Canada, ranked according to the interest they generate among bettors:

  1. The Masters Tournament – Held annually at Augusta National Golf Club, The Masters is one of the most prestigious events in golf. Canadian bettors show high interest in betting on tournament winners, top finishers, and head-to-head matchups among players, making it the top golf betting event.
  2. U.S. Open – Known for its challenging courses and conditions, the U.S. Open is another of golf’s four Majors. It attracts significant betting activity in Canada, with wagers placed on overall winners, the cut line, and individual round leaders.
  3. The Open Championship (British Open) – The oldest of the Majors, The Open Championship is celebrated for its historical significance and unique links-style courses. Betting interest peaks among Canadians for this event, focusing on outright winners, top nationality bets, and conditions affecting play.
  4. PGA Tour – Showcasing the world’s elite golfers across iconic courses, the PGA Tour has become a prime betting attraction, offering fans the chance to engage with the sport’s strategic depth and player performances.
  5. PGA Championship – Rounding out the four Majors, the PGA Championship is known for its strong field and competitive play. Canadian bettors engage heavily with this event, betting on the winner, top-10 finishes, and player to make or miss the cut.
  6. Ryder Cup – As a biennial team competition between teams from Europe and the United States, the Ryder Cup offers a different betting dynamic, focusing on team outcomes, individual match results, and the overall score. It’s a highly anticipated event for Canadian golf bettors due to its spirited competition and patriotic fervor.
  7. Presidents Cup – Similar to the Ryder Cup but featuring a team from the USA against an International team excluding Europe, the Presidents Cup generates betting interest for its team format and the international rivalry it represents. Canadian bettors participate in betting on match outcomes, overall winners, and individual player performances.
  8. Players Championship – Often referred to as the “fifth Major,” the Players Championship features one of the strongest fields in golf and is held at the iconic TPC Sawgrass. It garners considerable betting interest for its prestigious status, challenging course, and the famous 17th hole.
  9. Canadian Open – As Canada’s national championship, the Canadian Open holds a special place for Canadian golf fans. The event draws local and international talent, and betting action is brisk, with a focus on Canadian golfers and potential dark horses.

These golf events highlight the diverse interest in golf betting in Canada, spanning from the tradition-rich Majors to the unique team competitions of the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup. The variety of betting options available, including tournament outcomes, player performances, and specific in-play events, caters to a wide range of preferences among bettors. With the legal framework in Canada supporting online sports betting, wagering on these golf events offers an engaging and popular option for Canadian sports fans, underscoring the sport’s global appeal and its significance in the competitive world of sports betting.


Ranking of Canada’s Favorite Golf Sports Betting Events in 2024

Masters Tournament
U.S. Open
Open Championship
PGA Tour
PGA Championship
Ryder Cup
Presidents Cup
Players Championship
Canadian Open Golf


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