Rugby holds a special place in the hearts of Canadian sports enthusiasts, with its thrilling matches and prestigious international tournaments drawing significant betting interest. The sport’s physicality, strategy, and international reach make it a favorite for bettors seeking diverse wagering opportunities. Here is a breakdown of the most popular rugby betting events in Canada, ranked by their popularity among bettors:

  1. Rugby World Cup – The pinnacle of international rugby, the Rugby World Cup, occurs every four years and garners widespread attention from Canadian bettors. It’s the ultimate tournament where nations compete for the coveted title of world champions.
  2. Six Nations Championship – An annual international competition involving Europe’s top six rugby nations: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales. Its rich history and competitive matches make it a betting favorite in Canada.
  3. The Rugby Championship – Featuring the Southern Hemisphere’s top international teams (New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Argentina), this tournament is highly anticipated for its high-quality rugby and is a popular choice for bettors in Canada.
  4. British and Irish Lions Tours – Occurring every four years, the tours involve the Lions (a team composed of players from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) visiting one of the Southern Hemisphere rugby nations. The uniqueness of this event and the high level of competition drive significant betting interest.
  5. Super Rugby – A professional club competition with teams from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Argentina. The high scoring games and cross-border rivalries make Super Rugby a popular betting choice among Canadian rugby fans.
  6. Premiership Rugby (England) – England’s top professional rugby union competition features some of the best clubs in the sport, making it a focus for Canadian bettors interested in club-level rugby.
  7. Top 14 (France) – The French professional rugby league, known for its flair and competitive matches, attracts betting interest due to the presence of international stars and its status as one of Europe’s top rugby competitions.
  8. European Rugby Champions Cup – This club competition pits the top professional teams from the major European leagues against each other, making it a prime event for bettors looking for high-quality club rugby action.

These rugby events highlight the broad interest among Canadian sports bettors, from global competitions that stir national pride to club tournaments showcasing the sport’s elite talent. The array of betting options, including match outcomes, tournament winners, and player performance bets, caters to a wide range of betting preferences. With a supportive legal framework for online sports betting, rugby betting remains a popular and engaging activity for sports fans across Canada, reflecting the nation’s growing appreciation for the sport.


Ranking of Canada’s Favorite Rugby Sports Betting Events in 2024

Rugby World Cup
Six Nations Championship
The Rugby Championship
British & Irish Lions Tour
Super Rugby
Premiership Rugby
Top14 Rugby
European Rugby Champions Cup


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