Badminton enjoys a fervent following in Canada, particularly among those who appreciate the sport’s combination of speed, agility, and precision. The sport’s international competitions and prestigious tournaments capture the attention of Canadian sports bettors, reflecting the global appeal of badminton. Here’s an overview of the most popular badminton events for betting in Canada, ranked according to the interest they command among bettors:

  1. BWF World Championships – The Badminton World Federation’s annual World Championships is the pinnacle event for badminton excellence worldwide. Canadian bettors show a high interest in betting on various matches, including predicting the winners in singles and doubles categories, along with specific match outcomes.
  2. Olympic Games Badminton Competition – Badminton has been an Olympic sport since 1992, and the competition at the Games is highly anticipated by Canadian bettors. The national pride and the gathering of the world’s best players make it a popular event for betting on medal winners and match results.
  3. All England Open Badminton Championships – As one of the oldest and most prestigious badminton tournaments, the All England Open holds a special place among bettors. Canadian fans are keen on betting on this event due to its history and the high level of competition.
  4. Thomas Cup and Uber Cup – The Thomas Cup (men’s team) and Uber Cup (women’s team) are the premier international team competitions in badminton. These biennial events attract significant betting interest in Canada, with fans wagering on team outcomes and individual matches within the tournaments.
  5. BWF Super Series Finals – The Super Series Finals conclude the Badminton World Federation’s Super Series circuit, featuring the top-ranked players and pairs across all categories. It’s a major betting event among Canadian badminton enthusiasts, who follow the year-long circuit leading up to the finals.
  6. Sudirman Cup – The Sudirman Cup, a mixed-team badminton championship, occurs every two years and features teams from around the world competing in men’s and women’s singles and doubles, and mixed doubles. It garners attention from Canadian bettors for its unique format and the opportunity to support national teams.

These events showcase the broad appeal of badminton betting in Canada, spanning from individual championships to team competitions. The variety of betting options available, including predicting match winners, tournament champions, and individual performances, caters to a wide range of preferences among bettors. With a supportive legal framework for online sports betting, badminton betting remains a popular and engaging activity for Canadian sports fans, highlighting the sport’s growing prominence on the international stage.


Ranking of Canada’s Favorite Badminton Sports Betting Events in 2024

BWF World Championships
Olympic Games Badminton Competition
All England Open Badminton Championships
Thomas Cup and Uber Cup
BWF Super Series Finals
Sudirman Cup


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