Cycling, with its grueling competitions, scenic routes, and strategic depth, has a dedicated following among Canadian sports betting enthusiasts. The sport’s premier events, which range from one-day classics to multi-week Grand Tours, offer a variety of betting opportunities. Here’s a rundown of the most popular cycling events for betting in Canada, ranked according to the interest they generate among bettors:

  1. Tour de France – The pinnacle of professional cycling, the Tour de France captivates a global audience each July. Canadian bettors show a high interest in wagering on stage winners, overall classification leaders, and specialty jerseys (e.g., sprinter’s green jersey, climber’s polka dot jersey), making it the most bet-on cycling event.
  2. Giro d’Italia – Known for its challenging climbs and passionate fans, the Giro d’Italia is a highlight of the cycling season each May. It ranks highly among Canadian bettors, who engage in betting on individual stages, the overall general classification, and the young rider classification.
  3. Vuelta a España – Rounding out cycling’s Grand Tours, the Vuelta a España takes place in late summer and is known for its unpredictable racing and steep finishes. It attracts considerable betting interest in Canada, particularly for its mountain stages and the fight for the red jersey.
  4. UCI World Championships – The annual UCI World Championships is a prestigious event that crowns the world champions in various cycling disciplines. Canadian bettors pay close attention to the road race and time trial events, betting on potential winners and medalists.
  5. Spring Classics – The Spring Classics, including iconic races like Paris-Roubaix, the Tour of Flanders, and Milan-San Remo, are one-day races that test riders’ endurance and tactics. These events see significant betting action in Canada, with emphasis on predicting race winners and podium finishers.
  6. Autumn Classics – Similar to their spring counterparts, the Autumn Classics like the Il Lombardia and Paris-Tours close out the professional road cycling season. Canadian bettors enjoy the strategic nature of these races and the opportunities they provide for betting on late-season surprises.

These cycling events represent the breadth of interest in cycling betting in Canada, from the grandeur of the Grand Tours to the intense competition of the one-day classics. The variety of betting options available, including predicting race outcomes, overall standings, and specific jersey competitions, caters to a wide range of bettor preferences. With a supportive legal framework for online sports betting, cycling betting remains a popular and engaging pastime for Canadian sports fans, highlighting the sport’s enduring appeal and its role in the vibrant landscape of sports betting.


Ranking of Canada’s Favorite Cycling Sports Betting Events in 2024

Tour de France
Giro d'Italia
Vuelta a España
UCI World Championships
Spring Classics
Autumn Classics


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